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Shadows in the Great Outdoors [Part Two of Two Elements]

About the porch's deck the stranger together with the red silk shirt is currently standing looking at the vehicle. Skip and Amery get free from the vehicle, Miss escaping exactly the same side not trusting his part, feel as he looks back if that damn rat is still alive. Amery is holding his rifle is his pocket tight, and about six inches are currently limping to the right of his shoulders.

Skip: " That damn idiot, he never moves considerably, I Will go him having a round up his ass."


As they get nearer to the stranger, his sleeves are rolled up, his jacket off and he's tattoos alongside scars, on both his proper and remaining hands. Skip is drunk, and it has a knife in his pocket, he is fondling it as he's walking. Today they are twenty feet facing the stranger. The man is all about six foot six, two-hundred and fifty pounds.

The Stranger: "It's Really A terrible death to die with a rat-bite," while they stay freezing within the soil he remarks to Skip. Adding, "The booze won't help you. You create peace with your manufacturer, and best get to a hospital."

Amery: "that are some preacher, you, or the devil himself?"

The Stronger: "I come for that woman."

Miss: "What do you suggest, you come for that woman, and we returned here for you. Or do you think we got all this method merely to provide her for your requirements. Just how are you aware we've a girl anyway? Amery, you got the weapon I am hoping, he knows a lot of, we will must kill him also."

The Stranger: "I don't like waiting a long time; your ex will die as she is if you abandon her. Let her stay below and you will leave;" Amery taking a look at Miss now, banging his head no.

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